the project

The opportunity to live in an extraordinary modernist building that is over a century old is presented by Vila Rosa
opportunity Vila Rosa
We cherish the unparalleled essence of the house's original interior elements, deftly intertwining them within a contemporary design, all the while safeguarding their distinctiveness and intrinsic attributes.

Within the project "Villa Rosa", we have lovingly preserved select historical furniture pieces, seamlessly blending them with modern, visionary elements. This harmonious fusion crafts an exquisite equilibrium between the past and the present, where old-world charm dances gracefully with the innovations of today.
The price includes:
  • Purchase of the house in its current condition
  • Comprehensive interior and exterior renovation project
  • Construction and repair works to implement the project
  • Restoration of each architectural heritage element
  • Comprehensive project management ensuring deadlines and budget adherence
  • Furnishing and decoration with premium brand furniture and appliances.
The following systems have already been implemented:
  • Modern energy-saving heating system
  • Water supply system
  • Upgraded electrical wiring
  • New plumbing and sewage system
The prospective buyer shall inherit a home of remarkable architectural and historical value. This splendid abode lies within an affluent enclave and flaunts an exceptional interior design, expertly curated by a prestigious Barcelona-based studio.

Encircled by a meticulously tended garden, the property exudes opulence with its exquisite furnishings and state-of-the-art appliances, ensuring an unparalleled and indulgent lifestyle.